At DMC Technology we have spent a considerable amount of time and money ensuring that the products we supply have been tried and tested  in real world scenario’s. We thrive on providing ‘one-off’ solutions and will work closely with our client’s to ensure project success.

In terms of support we make your business our business and will work with you to ensure you get the best out of your IT infrastructure. We select hardware solutions that offer functionality and reliability rather than frustration.  

Whilst our main focus has been on the PC/Microsoft format, over the last few years we have extended our knowledge base to support Apple Mac’s, with this experience we now have a good understanding of PC to Mac integration and vice versa.

Wireless technology has improved considerably over the last few years to the point where connecting building’s up to 5 miles apart is now a real possibility.

Why not consult us for your next project, you may find that we can do what others consider impossible!