After Lenovo’s successful acquisition of the IBM PC division  back in 2005, Lenovo have now managed to close a deal that sees it takeover the IBM’s x86 server business, which includes all System x, BladeCentre, Flex Systems and storage.  We will be updating our website shortly to reflect these changes, however the System x will continue to be available under the LENOVO branding with the same reliability and performance that we have come to expect of these systems. IBM will retain its System z mainframes, Power Systems, Storage Systems, Power-based Flex servers, and PureApplication and PureData appliances. IBM’s ultimate goal is to provide innovation that matters to you, innovation that helps you overcome challenges in new and better ways. DMC Technology have been working with IBM for over 15 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Robust performance in a value-priced compact tower server

Robust performance at an entry-level price With support for next-generation Intel Xeon and Core i3 processor tech-nology, the IBM System x3100 M4 delivers strong performance for the price in a single-socket tower. Advanced features and functions, which come standard, include innovative integrated RAID capability, depend-able server-class memory, energy efficiency, low-cost tower-to-rack kit and high-capacity storage options for enhanced availability.

Ultra-small, flexible design Extremely compact, the x3100 M4 fits easily in small spaces. Flexible, configure-to-order capabilities can provide the capacity and features you need, with multiple upgrade options to help meet future growth.

Innovative technology Tested and certified by IBM, the x3100 M4 delivers leadership dependability and systems management. The optional advanced RAID helps protect your data, while dual-networking adapters offer greater network bandwidth and redundancy. A full set of powerful integrated sys-tems management tools makes the x3100 M4 easy to install and service.

Select configurations of the x3100 M4 are part of the IBM Express Advantage™ Portfolio designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses. Easy to manage, Express™ models and configurations vary by country.


Flexible, cost-optimized x86 tower server ready to grow

Powerful, flexible and reliable, the new IBM System x3300 M4 is the value-priced performance tower for your emerging business.with your business

Meet demand today, prepare for tomorrow The x3300 M4 is a scalable, easy-to-use solution for customers in need  of a powerful, affordable business server that can fit under their desk.  The x3300 M4 embraces the “pay as you grow” philosophy to maintain an affordable entry price while allowing you to scale and configure the server to meet your needs. This dual-socket system comes standard with a single Intel Xeon E5-2400 series processor and room to add a second  as needed. The Feature on Demand option makes it easy to unlock an expanded set of capabilities with optional activation keys. Storage  flexibility includes support for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives, offering a total capacity of up to 24 TB of hot-swappable storage.

Improve performance and efficiency while reducing costs The x3300 M4 features energy-smart Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors  and high-efficiency 80 PLUS® power supplies so you get improved  performance over previous-generation servers and better energy effi-ciency while still controlling costs.¹ The x3300 M4 is an ideal solution  for branch locations and distributed infrastructures thanks to features  like remote management and optimization for unattended operation so you can maintain efficiency over distance.

IBM X3630 M4

Innovative design with flexibility, performance and outstanding uptime

Optimized for cost and performance The IBM® System x3650 M4 blends outstanding uptime, performance and I/O flexibility for cost efficiency and rock-solid reliability. The  powerful server offers an energy-smart, affordable, and easy-to-use  rack solution with a pay-as-you-grow design to help lower costs and  manage risks. With more computing power per watt and the latest  Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors, advanced memory support,  and greater disk capacity for businesses requiring extreme storage,  the x3650 M4 offers balanced performance and density.

Outstanding uptime With redundant hot-swap fans, disks and power supplies, the x3650 M4 provides a resilient architecture ideal for business-critical applications. Predictive Failure Analysis and light path diagnostics provide advanced warning on power supplies, fans, VRMs, disks, processors and memory. Redundant hot-swap components make it easy to replace failures without taking your system down.

New management features The Integrated Management Module 2 (IMM2) and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) give the x3650 M4 a consistent system-level code stack for superior setup, configuration and ease of use. Optional Feature on Demand (FoD) remote presence provides the ability to  manage, monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere. Powerful and easy- to-use tools can help you manage both physical and virtual resources.


Big benefits for the small office

Large enterprises and small businesses alike depend on their IT systems to provide the high performance, availability, and resiliency customers and partners demand. Yet to stay competitive, organizations must find an economical way to simplify and efficiently manage evolving technology requirements. Small and midsized businesses in particular are pressured to do more with less space, fewer IT resources and tighter budgets.

For many organizations, IBM BladeCenter is the answer. Many large enterprises have long known that blade systems can help:

  • Reduce the physical server sprawl associated with typical businesses.
  • Minimize the IT staff needed to manage the applications essential to operating day-to-day business functions.
  • Lower costs through the ability to add more servers, storage and net-working simply on an as-needed basis.
  • Save energy through reduced power consumption compared to rack servers.
  • IBM BladeCenter Office Enablement Kit is the ideal way to deploy BladeCenter S into your everyday office.

Right size, right choice Small enough to sit under your desk, the new BladeCenter S chassis makes it easy and cost-effective for small and midsized businesses to obtain IT results at levels traditionally reserved for large enterprises.