For just the price of a cup of coffee per day, DMC Technology will perform a Daily Health Check that keeps your systems safe and your staff productive. We’ll drop a small, secure piece of software on your server that will run an automated Daily Health Check of your systems every morning and send you a Start of Day Report showing any faults. You can decide to resolve the problem yourself or ask us to assist. We’ll check that your:

Backup is complete.
Anti-virus pattern file is up-to-date.
Disk space is OK.
Exchange email systems are within limits.
Hard disk and memory health are fine.
And your Critical Event Logs are showing no major faults.
Critical services are running
Web services are reporting normal
Server is responding as normal for required access

We’ll send you a short note of the results. If we find problems you can act fast to cut potential downtime or call us to fix the problem for you. Either way you’re making an informed decision. The Daily Health Check costs £3 per day (per server) and has the potential to save you thousands in downtime or lost data.”

The benefits for you

Peace of mind
Daily Health Checks flush out the hidden issues, you won’t have to worry about gremlins in your systems.

Expert Guidance
Let your IT Support Company provide accurate information on your problems and deliver exact advice on how they can be rectified.

Increase Uptime
By identifying small issues before they become big problems you can reduce the risk of costly downtime.

Low Cost
Monitoring only is an inexpensive option – you can deal with the problems yourself – and turn to your support company when you need assistance.

Guaranteed to Happen
Its automated service, so you don’t have to worry about holidays, sick days, paternity and maternity leave. You can be confident your systems are being monitored every day.

Transparent Invoicing
You’ll be able to see and understand exactly where your IT budgets are being spent.

Confidence Building
Over time you’ll develop more confidence in your support company’s abilities and feel more confident passing on other IT work.

Reduce Hardware Costs
Make your equipment last longer by making sure they are in good shape with the Daily Health Check.

Upgrade to 24×7

It’s like having your own personal doctor plugged into a 24×7, Systems ECG – you’ll always be monitored.

Quicker Fixes
Not only will the alerts reduce problem identification time, a mini-contract customer will get a better standard of attention than traditional break fix.