DMC SOS is an industry proven remote support solution.  Have you ever had an issue you hoped could be solved quickly and timely over the phone, Without the frustration of having to describe everything to the support technician? DMC SOS is the answer. Our technicians will be able to take over your machine and have your issue resolved very quickly, providing the PC/Laptop is connected to the internet. Most of the fixes takes between 15-30mins. For those issues that are more involved the SOS technician will be able to give you a precise diagnosis of the issue and time-frame to resolve completely.


Download Here for PC Download Here for MAC
Pro-Active Monitoring

For just the price of a cup of coffee per day, DMC Technology will perform a Daily Health Check that keeps your systems safe and your staff productive. We’ll drop a small, secure piece of software on your server that will run an automated Daily Health Check of your systems every morning and send you a Start of Day Report showing any faults. You can decide to resolve the problem yourself or ask us to assist.

We’ll check that your:

  • Backup is complete.
  • Anti-virus pattern file is up-to-date.
  • Disk space is OK.
  • Exchange email systems are within limits.
  • Hard disk and memory health are fine.
  • And your Critical Event Logs are showing no major faults.
  • Critical services are running
  • Web services are reporting normal
  • Server is responding as normal for required access